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Noise Control and Mitigation

MRL Acoustics has a great deal of experience in dealing with the investigation, assessment and provision of advice for ways to reduce noise and recommend suitable noise control measures.

These assessments can apply to noise from industrial premises, entertainment venues, residential properties, sports fields, activity centres, construction sites, etc.

We can assist in getting your proposals through planning, help you remove an existing noise problem or simply deal with any noise issues that you may have and we have considerable experience in dealing with problems regarding un-wanted noise.  We can attend your premises with calibrated equipment and monitor noise at the source, if this is possible, and hence determine the best sound reduction techniques for the situation.

Noise mitigation can be achieved in many ways depending on the problem.  If the noise is coming from an outlet/inlet grille, for example on building services plant, extraction units, etc, then it may be that with the introduction of silencers/attenuators, the noise level can be sufficiently reduced at the source.

Other methods of noise control may involve the provision of acoustic enclosures, acoustic barriers or screen, duct lagging, and acoustic louvres.

For noise from amplified music from entertainment venues, we can provide design advice for sound lobbies on entrance doors, upgraded acoustic glazing and suitable electronic noise limiting devices for the sound system to automatically control the levels of amplified music to minimise any noise break-out from the premises.