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Planning Applications

Planning Policy Guidance Note (PPG 24) sets out the Government’s policy on development in noisy areas.  The guidance is primarily for Local Authorities to take the content of this document into account in preparing their development plans and when granting permission for development sites.  PPG24 is primarily concerned with road, rail and air traffic noise.

Noise may be material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals.  PPG 24 gives guidance to local authorities in England on the use of their planning powers to consider and minimise the adverse impact of noise on developments and sets out the issues to be considered in determining planning applications both for noise-sensitive developments and for those activities which may generate noise.
PPG 24 uses a series of Noise Exposure Categories (NEC) to assess the suitability of noise sensitive development which can then be used as guidance in determining a planning application.  The current levels and sources of noise impacting on the proposed site both during the day and at night are established, thereby allowing the site to be placed into one of the four NECs.

If a site falls within NEC A, noise is not a determining factor in granting planning permission, NEC D sites would not normally be permitted on noise grounds. NEC B and C sites are often permitted, providing suitable acoustic design measures are included in the proposal.

MRL Acoustics has considerable experience in undertaking PPG 24 assessments in many Local Authority areas.  We will undertake the necessary noise surveys, assess the noise levels in accordance with PPG 24 and provide a report for submission to the Local Authority.