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Building Acoustics

MRL Acoustics can provide design advice for many types of development.  Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE) requires that all new residential development achieves a given minimum acoustic performance standard.  The current version of ADE came into force on 1st July 2003.

It sets out criteria for a minimum standard of airborne and impact sound insulation for both separating walls and floors.  It also gives criteria for internal walls and floors.  Residential development must meet these standards and must be tested to demonstrate compliance (some sites can be registered with the Robust Details scheme as an alternative to pre-completion testing).  On-site Pre-Completion Testing (PCT) is carried out to prove compliance.  ADE also requires control of reverberation in common circulation areas of residential buildings and applies to all types of residential buildings, including hotels, hostels, student accommodation and nursing homes, but not hospitals.
Education:- BB 93 is the Building Bulletin that deals with the acoustic design of new schools and school refurbishment schemes.  It is mandatory for schools and is often used for other educational buildings.  It sets out acoustic design targets in three main areas: sound insulation criteria; reverberation time targets; internal ambient noise level targets.  

Offices:- Acoustic privacy and internal noise level problems are common in office buildings.  MRL Acoustics has a great deal of experience in this area, both in initial design, and in finding and fixing problems within existing buildings.

Healthcare:- Health Technical Memorandum HTM 08-01 deals with acoustic design in hospitals and healthcare facilities and gives recommendations for the level of sound insulation required between adjacent spaces, background noise levels, reverberation times for various types of space within the buildings and plant noise emissions.