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Transportation Noise

At MRL Acoustics, we understand that the transport network is essential to many industries although at the same time is a large contributor of noise.

Transportation noise includes not only road and rail, but also aircraft noise.  An increasing number of new development proposals are asking for permission to develop properties in ‘high noise’ areas.  In these cases, local planning authorities may ask for a noise impact assessment in order to ensure their own noise criteria will be met along with standards such as ‘Planning Policy Guidance 24 - Planning and Noise' (PPG 24).

We can provide assessments for existing or proposed transportation noise sources for highways using Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN), and rail transport using Calculation of Rail Noise (CRN).

We can undertake Noise Insulation Regulations and Land Compensation Act assessments and also provide Environmental Impact Statements for large development sites.

The need to reduce noise levels experienced at residential dwellings during both the daytime and night-time periods is deemed important and as such we can specify upgraded glazing, acoustic ventilation, acoustic barriers and other noise mitigation measures to achieve this.

We are capable of providing advice with any planning application regarding transportation noise whilst supplying noise mitigation advice for new and existing residential dwellings.